Read celebrity author Tanya Brown's uplifting work about overcoming adversity.


If you’ve experienced trauma or major adversity – and who hasn’t – then you know how it feels to need a helping hand like the one celebrity author Tanya Brown offers in her books. Flip through the pages and you may see your own story, or the story of someone you know. What you read could save your life.

A Motivational Author with Your Story in Mind

Tanya’s latest book, Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide chronicles her struggles with emotional dysfunction, and her indirect experience with domestic violence. Her second book on domestic violence, written with Carolyn Inman, acknowledges The Sneaky Seven Characteristics of Abuse, focusing on ways to identify power and control, and on what needs to be understood about them, based on her real life experience with sister Nicole Brown Simpson.

Tanya Brown has a compelling story to tell, but as a motivational and celebrity author, Tanya is really more interested in the stories of those she meets through her work, and helping connect them to strategies that will ultimately free them from the emotional trauma that comes with major adversity. Tanya has gathered tools that have guided her toward a more meaningful life, one where depression can be managed and traumatic events survived with grace. She shares these tools passionately and enthusiastically as an Orange County Life Coach, celebrity author, and personal development speaker, in order to fulfill her mission of helping others transform their lives and bounce back from adversity.

You Can Regroup, Says Book Author Tanya Brown

Tanya’s dealt with major loss and the resulting grief and depression that can come with it. The death of her sister Nicole Simpson Brown was just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath that tragedy, others had piled up, and Tanya needed to regroup.

But the message in her books is not the tragedies Tanya has suffered through or the ones her readers may be involved in. The message is that you can regroup and bounce back from adversity. It may seem impossible sometimes, but it’s the only way forward. You can live in the tragedy, miserable and alone, or do what it takes to come out on the other side, vibrant and thriving, as Tanya has. From a depressed, suicidal woman to celebrity book author and professional keynote speaker - it’s entirely possible.

Life Experience is not the Only Teacher

Tanya has a Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling, which informs much of her work. Reading Tanya’s books will provide credible and reliable information about how to move forward from a place where you may feel stuck. Her written work is a good blend of story, sound, and science-based techniques for surviving adversity.

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