Nicole Brown Simpson: A Sister's Perspective

Down-to-Earth and family-oriented: Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

She looked great in a little black dress at fundraising galas, but Nicole Brown Simpson lived mainly in blue jeans and bathing suits. She was creative, with a flair for crafts, and made her own greeting cards for every occasion. And she loved to cook, and at the end of it she’d have a beautifully messy and lived in kitchen, and a table full of delicious food for as many people as she could sit at her table. Unless you knew that she was married to O.J. Simpson, you would never have thought of Nicole as a celebrity wife. She was just too down-to-earth for that label.


Family Life for Nicole Simpson

The FamilyThere aren’t as many family photos of Nicole as there might have been, because she was the picture-taker in the family. She had a talent for capturing just the right shots at just the right moments. She wanted to memorialize all the special times, because for Nicole, family was everything.

Nicole Simpson was the second-oldest among four children in a loving and hardworking family, ten years older than the youngest of her sister, Tanya. Tanya remembers the times when her big sister taught her things, like how to skip and how to blow bubbles with her bubble gum. And as Tanya grew older, she began to fully appreciate the kindness, the generosity, the artistic gifts of her sister, going to design centers and spending more time with her as time flew by.

When Nicole married and had her own children, they became the center of her life. She was always present for her kids and their friends – to show them new things, drive them to places and attend their special events. No matter what was going on at home, Nicole Brown Simpson kept things upbeat, continuing to entertain and keep a happy household.


Finding the Meaning in Nicole Brown Simpson’s Death

That was Nicole Brown Simpson. Gentle, kind, loving and optimistic. The fact that she was murdered, a victim of domestic violence, and the subject of a wild media frenzy surrounding her and her famous husband – all that was only part of the picture. She lived a full and meaningful life despite what happened to her in the end.

Family members were naturally devastated by the tragedy of Nicole’s death. In fact, her younger sister, Tanya, took it especially hard. Already caught up in the death of other loved ones who had passed earlier in her life, Tanya could hardly bear what happened to Nicole. And as hard as she tried to fight off the grief and the deep depression that began to overtake her, it took some time before she was able to turn her sister’s tragedy into lessons that could be passed along to others suffering similar losses, similar feelings.


The Legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson

Today, Tanya is proud of her sister’s legacy as someone who shined a spotlight on the issue of domestic violence in a way that had an enormous impact on the public. Tanya herself became a domestic violence advocate, doing speaking engagements and training that would inform people about the horror of abuse at home. After receiving her Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling, she has gone on to become a nationally recognized author, speaker and a Life Coach who uses the lessons from her experience with Nicole to help others cope with life’s challenges. For Tanya, Nicole Brown Simpson is so much more than the public’s memory of her. For Tanya, Nicole is a heroine who wore blue jeans and loved her family above all else.

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