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Secret_Knock_Greg_ReidAre you the person in your company, organization, association or group who is responsible for selecting speakers for meetings? If so, you know that finding quality speakers who can give a stimulating presentation that is appropriate to the audience and is a challenge. Tanya can help you solve that problem. Tanya will adapt her presentation to your audience and program needs, making for a personal experience.

To schedule a presentation: contact Tanya Brown Enterprise at: info@tanyabrown.net. An agent will return your request and will discuss with you the goals and objectives of your group. They will assist you in selecting topic in demand that will be a perfect fit for your event.

Tanya brings compassion to the table, letting go of judgement. She encourages all people; men and women to empower themselves so what happened to her does not happen to you or someone you love.

What you get when you book professional keynote speaker Tanya Brown is a celebrity author, Orange County Life Coach and experienced public speaker who has a powerful story to share.  Your group will be inspired by her journey and the lessons she’s learned. You will be impressed with her capacity to build rapport with audience members who can relate to adversity, and who want to live happier, fuller lives. Tanya truly goes beyond the call of duty to make a greater impact in your community. Additionally, she makes the host(ess) or coordinators life easier by assisting in the outreach using all media, fliers and participating in meet and greets with sponsors and V.I.P guests and so much more.


A Top-notch Female Motivational Speaker with a Compelling Story

Tanya knows adversity well. After the sudden loss of several loved ones, especially that of her cherished sister Nicole Simpson Brown, she spiraled into a deep depression ten years later that landed her in a hospital for three months. That’s where she learned how to cope with the feelings she was experiencing. She took those tools and made them her own, becoming a successful author and female motivational speaker, sharing them with those who are also struggling with adversity. Her story is rich with the lessons she’s learned, become a guide for how others can use them to triumph over adversity and live full and productive lives themselves. Audience members leave personal development speaker Tanya Brown’s talks with the motivation to get through just about anything. And they come home with specific ideas about how to live happier, fuller, more meaningful lives.


The Message of this Professional Keynote Speaker

SD WOMENS WEEKMuch of Tanya’s message focuses on self-care, recognizing its importance as a stress reliever. She’s also an advocate of domestic violence education, and speaks on the seven characters of abuse. A graduate in the field of psychology, she brings her educational experience and credibility  to her talks as well. As a celebrity author, she encapsulates the poignant stories from her books and keeps everything upbeat. She’s a proponent of wellness and pushes audience members to live active, healthy lives. Her talks are rich with motivation, new information, and wisdom.

Those who have seen this professional keynote speaker in front of audiences, say that her talks are life-changing. Recognizing the difficulties she’s overcome, they find her successes and achievements amazing testimony to the resilience of the human spirit. They leave with real-life strategies for bouncing back from adversity themselves and for improving the quality of their lives.


The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can End.

This presentation is vital to anyone who wants to learn the dynamics of domestic violence. Tanya’s approachable demeanor engages her audience. In this presentation, Tanya shares how a violent relationship may start and where it CAN end. Along with Carolyn Inman, Tanya has identified “The Sneaky Seven Characters of Abuse” to help one understand that abuse is more than physical. In addition, she shares her own personal stories and includes diary entries from her murdered sister, Nicole.

Surviving The Trial of The LAST Century: As the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, Tanya shares the dynamics of what personally occurred in the midst of the National Media Circus otherwise known as The Trial of The Century.  She candidly shares her disbelief how someone can hurt someone they claim to love and how years after she finally felt her own grief.  Tanya also shares her personal experiences with controlling relationships as well as journal entries of her sister’s diary.


Bounce Back From Adversity: Self-Care Strategies for Optimal Life Balance

Tanya will encourage you to look at the way you manage life and decrease stress. In this powerful presentation Tanya shares key strategies including managing time effectively, identifying triggers, embracing an attitude of gratitude, conquering stress, living authentically and more. Once you put one, two, five or all twelve to work in your daily life, you will see and feel the decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Managing your life and self-care are critical and essential when coping with daily life adversities. Make the choice to be the person you want to be!



Finding Peace Amid YOUR Chaos: This inspirational message will encourage your audience to recognize their own internal battles so they can take charge of their own life. Finding Peace Amid the Chaos is a personal story of how masking pain, struggles and life challenges can lead a person to a dark space that may feel impossible to overcome. Tanya will encourage and empower your audience to talk about their challenges. Attendees will gain effective coping skills to prevent depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide.

Finding Peace Amid College Chaos.  Tanya shares her personal story about the critical nature of having coping skills during college life in order to have balance, happiness, health and success.  Tanya engages her audience by being completely open with her depression and she ultimately made a decision to control her personal, professional and academic career.

Finding Peace Amid Corporate Chaos: This presentation was inspired by Tanya’s days as a temporary receptionist in the corporate world.  She observed the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and irritability that many people were exhibiting.  From this experience, The Corporate Survival Guide was born.  The guide is to help employees manage life, work and play by offering 20 tips on how to stay calm and present to increase productivity and efficiency.

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