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My name is Tanya Brown (the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson) and in 2004, I attempted a suicide with a full bottle of Kolonopin and a bottle of red wine. You see, as you will read, I was tapped out, exhausted from unresolved pain grief, anxiety, stress, chaos and loss on a variety of levels. We all have pain and for most of us it is unresolved. That is where the problems begin. We, those who think about suicide or take our lives, do not want to die, we want to end our pain. Majority of those who struggle, want to fill the hole in their soul, Russel Brandt. We have to start spreading H.O.P.E because Hold On Pain Ends.

I did not know what mental illess was. Sure I had hard times. Sure I had to bury many friends in my childhood. Sure I had stress with loss, family, friends and co-dependence. I know what it is like to witness parents lose a daughter. I know what it is like to have gone through a Global Criminal Case, “The Trial of The Last Century” where I was not permitted to FEEL. Now, my goal is to talk about the ONE THING NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT: MENTAL HEALTH and hardiship.

We must change the language to: “prevent mental illness and promote mental health.” In 2006, I spoke at a conference in front of 700 plus psychologists, psychiatrist, researchers. Each person was talking about mental illess, statistics and the latest research. YET, NOT ONE person was talking about how to manage it and/or prevent it. What are the tools we can we do to implement daily self-care? What can we do to get us to a level of optimal mental health and well-being?

This site is for those who battle with depression in school (jr. high, high school and college).

This site is f(or the executive, mom, dad who are struggling with….LIFE!

I am a self care advocate. Without YOU being WELL, you are NO good to those you love or work for. YOU MUST COME FIRST (in a good way)!!!!

This website is not only dedicated to those whome we have lost and heard of in the news. This site is dedicated to the Anthony Bourdains, Kate Spades and of course, the Robin Williams’ of the world. It is for YOU, your kids, your school.

My goal is to spread awareness so that what happened to me and the aforementioned does not happen to you or someone you love.

Please, if you are struggling, there is hope! The hard part is….asking for the help.

My website, I hope, will give you insight you need for yourself or someone you care about.

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