Finding peace amid
the chaos

An inspirational and motivational story on how you can turn OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITY AND TRAGEDIES into TRIUMPHS so you can grow in every area of
your life.

The T.A.N.Y.A

Strategies for self-care and life balance to manage your chaos.

finding Peace Amid The Chaos

Finding quality speakers who can give a stimulating presentation that is audience specific can be a challenge. Tanya can help you solve that problem. She will adapt her presentation to your audience and program needs, making for a personal experience.

Tanya brings compassion to the table, letting go of judgement. She encourages all people; men and women to empower themselves so what happened to her does not happen to you or someone you love. What you get when you book professional keynote speaker Tanya Brown is a keynote speaker, celebrity author, Life Coach and Counselor who has a powerful story to share. Your group will be inspired by her journey and the lessons she’s learned. You will be impressed with her capacity to build rapport with audience members who can relate to adversity, and who want to live happier, fuller lives. Tanya truly goes beyond the call of duty to make a greater impact in.

Audience members leave Tanya Brown’s talks and go hone with specific ideas about how to live happier, fuller, more meaningful lives.


Much of Tanya’s message focuses on self-care, recognizing its importance as a stress reliever. She’s a proponent of wellness and pushes audience members to live active, healthy lives. Her talks are rich with motivation, new information, and wisdom. Those who have seen her professional keynote say that her talks are life-changing. Recognizing the difficulties she’s overcome, they find her successes and achievements amazing testimony to the resilience of the human spirit. They leave with real-life strategies for bouncing back from adversity themselves and for improving the quality of their lives.

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