Orange County Life Coach Tanya Brown Can Help You Cope

Orange County Life Coach Tanya Brown Can Help You Cope

Sometimes you just need the help of someone who has been where you are, and who has proven strategies to get you through. This is where Tanya’s program as America’s Bounce Back Coach comes in. As a Graduate in the field of psychology, a motivational speaker and an author, I am all about awareness, prevention and implementation, coping skills and self-care strategies.


“Tanya’s work as a Life Coach impressed me on so many levels. Most importantly, she could relate to what I was going through, the pain of losing my husband to suicide. She has a natural gift of helping others to heal. Tanya takes time to really listen, process the thought, and then use her amazing communication skills. I have experienced tremendous healing and a newfound sense of inner peace due to her work.”

Kristi H., Dana Point, California

What Do You Get from a Coaching Session With Tanya?

Weather permitting Tanya coaches her clients at the Private and Exclusive Monarch Bay Beach Club. Nature is beauty and when surrounded by such it creates clarity, peace and more self-awareness. Tanya’s motivation is to clients achieve life balance for optimal health and wellness.

Tanya guides her clients to achieve greater:

  • Self-Discovery to Wellness
  • Life Skills that Develop Balance
  • Core Values for Success
  • Action Strategies that Create Results
  • Purpose Principles to Follow
  • Employee Empowerment Everyday
  • Time Management

You will receive:

  • One-on-One introductory/exploratory consultation (number of sessions apply to your needs)
    • Via SKYPE or Phone, In Person (an extra charge does apply)
  • 45-minute confidential sessions (amount of sessions is individual)
  • Goal setting and clarity
  • Regular motivation and encouragement
  • Strategies applicable to your personal journey, goals and objectives
  • Empathetic accountability
  • Unlimited email access during the coaching term
  • A complimentary copy of Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape From Depression and Suicide and the newly released, The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can End.


One Month Program:

{2} Private 45 -Minute Coaching Calls
Call Prep Form to keep calls focused
Hourly sessions available upon request


Tanya shares (12) self-care strategies from her personal experience and memoir, Finding Peace Amid The Chaos to guide her clients achieve greater personal, emotional and professional success. Self-Care is essential for Life Balance to prevent overwhelm, tension, exhaustion and of course, stress. When we are in balance we are able to navigate through the chaos of life and become more productive and efficient in everything we set out to do.


  • {12} 50-Minute Group Calls
  • Online program for continued support and motivation
  • Autographed copy of Finding Peace Amid The Chaos: My Escape From Depression and Suicide
  • Copy of The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can End
  • Copy of The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where it CAN End
    • Autographed copy of The Success Principles (Limited supply)


Corporate Survival Guide – Daily Self Care Strategies For Optimal Well-Being

HUGE HUGS NECKLACE: Specially designed by Tanya and her team at April Shelley Designs

These tele-calls are designed to help you find more peace for greater life work balance. Calls will be recorded for on-going support.

There will be surprise guests to offer more insight and even more information for your life journey.

Contact Tanya Today for your 15-minute strategy call.

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