The Seven Characters of Abuse:
Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can  End.

The Seven Characters of Abuse:
Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can  End.


In her new book about abusive relationships, celebrity author Tanya Brown lets readers in on how to identify a relationship that is characterized by abuse. She uses her education in psychological counseling and her personal experience to guide her work.  As the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, has been at the forefront of the dialogue on the handling of domestic violence, and is an expert on the subject. The book provides a clear picture of what abuse looks like and what to do about it.


Get Informed with Tanya Brown's Book About Abusive Relationships

Authors Describe Family Dynamics in Their Abusive
Relationship Book

Along with co-author Carolyn Inman, Tanya has identified “The Seven Characters of Abuse” to help people understand how families are caught in the crossfires of domestic violence, slow to understand how two people could love each other and then descend into the chaos of abuse.

Men and women often stay in these kinds of relationships because of loyalty and love for their children, the authors of this abusive relationship book say, sometimes because they simply don’t know how to ask for help. But the real story is that children suffer in families where domestic violence is present. The dynamics between the abuser and the victim are absorbed by the rest of the family, including extended family sometimes. In most cases, though, victim and abuser are isolated from family and friends, and many times, so are the children.

“All children from a domestic violence home are emotionally hurt and have trouble with their future lives. This makes it all the more critical to get battered women out of those homes. While they believe they are staying for the betterment of their children, the truth is they are hurting their children by staying.” –Tanya L. Brown   

A Book about Abusive Relationships from a New Point of View

While Tanya is not considered a victim of domestic violence, she has a unique point of view as the sister of someone who was a victim. Her main concern is that her sister Nicole didn’t come forward to tell anyone what was happening at home. Tanya, who considered herself close to Nicole, was shocked to learn about what was going on in her sister’s life. The authors of this book about abusive relationships advise victims to seek help and guide them through a process that encourages them to be more comfortable with coming forward.

Tanya’s Book About Abusive Relationships Says to Ask for Help

As with Tanya’s book about depressionFinding Peace Amid the Chaos -- the main message of “The Seven Characters of Abuse” is to face the issues in life as they come up in the moment, and ask for help when needed. Tanya herself is dedicated to ending the stigma attached to victims of domestic violence so they feel more free to come forward. She has taken her own personal lessons and translated them into universal life management techniques that can be used to overcome life-challenging situations like domestic violence, and the intense emotions surrounding them. For those who are involved in abusive relationships in any way -- as professionals in the field of domestic violence, as those who are victims or family members of victims suffering abuse --this book on abusive relationships will not only inform, it will provide concrete assistance.

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