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Forgive and Let Go! Life Goes On!

  One of the most difficult things one has to do is to Let Go! of losses or those who have hurt us. It is so incredibly easy to live in the anger, despair and for many- the hate. It is time to heal, grow and EVOLVE through LOVE. We all have a tendency to…

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Are You Committed?

You never know why you attend a certain personal or professional seminar, but when you do you get a ton of information that will help you move forward in areas of your life where you may be stuck. However, if you were like me for many years, I never really implemented it. Why? Perhaps it…

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A Loving Testimonial

You never know who are speaking to. As I am admiring this adorable African American beauty being a model for a make up application at Kim Sommers Egelsee’s International Women’s Day, I saw sweetness, gentleness, peace and calm within her. Little did I know there was a young beauty who was broken, hurting and oh…

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Living Behind The Happy Face

Why on earth do we even have suicides in our country? Is it because we are too afraid of failure, being judged, overwhelmed and taking on too much? Possibly. It could also be having life experiences, past or present, that we are too afraid to acknowledge and feel or have left unresolved. We suppress our painful…

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